Catalysis for total synthesis: a personal account.

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In Delft: a personal account.
The author looks back on his development in microbiology and yeast research, and on the establishment in Delft of the FEMS Central Office, FEMS Publications Office and the birth of FEMS Yeast Research.

Catalysis-based total synthesis of putative mandelalide A.
A concise synthesis of the putative structure assigned to the highly cytotoxic marine macrolide mandelalide A (1) is disclosed. Specifically, an iridium-catalyzed two-directional Krische allylation and a cobalt-catalyzed carbonylative epoxide opening

Efficient total synthesis of bioactive natural products: a personal record.
In this account, we have highlighted our most recent works towards the total synthesis of bioactive natural products, which have resulted in the development of several novel synthetic methods. Inspired and guided by strategies based on diversity-orie

Nickel Catalysis: Synergy between Method Development and Total Synthesis.
Nickel(0) catalysts have proven to be powerful tools for multicomponent coupling reactions in our laboratories over the past 15 years. This interest was originally sparked by the ubiquity of allylic alcohol motifs in natural products, such as (-)-ter

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Even in the digital age, access to literature and other information for people with print impairments remains extremely poor, especially in the developing world. Reading access holds cascading implications for education, economic empowerment, social

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A personal account is given of research leading to the discovery of the two photosystems in oxygenic photosynthesis. The following topics are discussed: transfer of excitation energy to (bacterio)chlorophyll and evidence for two pigment systems, the

Recovery from chronic factitious disorder (Munchausen's syndrome): a personal account.
This case report provides an account by a patient (with permission) of chronic factitious disorder and the factors that led to recovery. Such accounts are extremely rare in the literature. This account also throws into sharp focus current controversi

Total Synthesis of (+)-SCH 351448: Efficiency via Chemoselectivity and Redox-Economy Powered by Metal Catalysis.
The polyketide natural product (+)-SCH 351448, a macrodiolide ionophore bearing 14 stereogenic centers, is prepared in 14 steps (LLS). In eight prior syntheses, 22-32 steps were required. Multiple chemoselective and redox-economic functional group in

Catalysis of Heterocyclic Azadiene Cycloaddition Reactions by Solvent Hydrogen Bonding: Concise Total Synthesis of Methoxatin.
Although it has been examined for decades, no general approach to catalysis of the inverse electron demand Diels-Alder reactions of heterocyclic azadienes has been introduced. Typically, additives such as Lewis acids lead to nonproductive consumption