JWitlW of losipititl fpctitit. CASES OF FOREIGN BODY. By CHOITHRAM SHEWAKRAM, Civil Hospital Assistant, in temporary medical charge, Seioan Dispensary.




Mahomed an male, aged 28, me iti May last on 22ud at 2


was P.M.

The man was brought to me lying on a cot in an insensible condition. The patient's brother informed me that something has entered the ear. I examined the ear with a speculum and found some insect moving. The ear was syringed at once. I tried to remove the insect with ear-scoop, but failed. The insect was firmly holding the membrana tympani. I filled the ear with oil and then re-syringed ; the insect was seen more clearly. I inserted a forceps and removed the foreign body ; it was a butterfly. A few drops of blood followed, but it was soon stopped. 2. A Hindu male child, aged 12 months, was brought to me with bleeding of the nose. The father of the child said that the boy had been putting his finger in the nose since last night, owing to which there had been bleeding. I examined the nose, but could not see anything except hardness, which Avas felt by palpation, from which I suspected some foreigu body. The nose was syringed and the blood stopped. I introduced forceps and tried to search for foreigu body, but as the child was crying I could not succeed. I gave him snuff of tannic acid, and examined again the nose, and someI tried again to remove thing white was seen by forceps, aud, after much difficulty, at last succeeded in removing the foreign body. It was a round piece of stone which the child's mother had given him two days ago to play with. Remarks.?If I happen to get a case again like the first, I should fill the ear with oil before syringing, as it was the oil which killed the insect inside. As soon as the insect died, it was removed easily, and the man came into his senses. In the second case, the foreign body remained in the nose for two days without any mischief; on the third, it began to cause irritation. In this case tannic acid helped much. ,

Cases of Foreign Body.

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