WEBWISE Carers Trust www.carers.org The Carers Trust is the largest UK-wide charity providing support and breaks to carers. The home page on the website is colourful, with positive images of carers, and the site is easy to navigate. It has a variety of practical information and advice, including tips on healthy eating and avoiding stress, managing the carer role alongside work and study, and how to organise holidays, respite care and finances. Carers can enter into discussions with others via the chat forums, and access support to help reduce feelings of isolation experienced by many carers. There are video clips aimed at young carers, and the site signposts users to different areas offering facilities to chat to other carers in similar age groups. Options to share experiences via social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are available, along with information on local and national services. Users can access local services simply by entering their postcode. This is a comprehensive website that is visually appealing and easy to use. The well-researched information could make a world of difference to the lives of carers, particularly those who feel isolated because of their role. As with any online resource, however, it might be more suited to younger carers who are more at ease with this technology, rather than older carers who may not have access to the internet. Reviewed by Liz Charalambous, staff nurse in health care of the older person, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

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TV :: radio :: books :: websites :: apps The Stroke Survival Guide ★★★★

Intended for a lay readership, this short book emphasises that it should not replace professional advice. A clear introduction to the physiology of the brain is followed by a chapter on the causes and types of stroke. After covering the range of treatments, the second half of the book is devoted to coping with life after a stroke. The chapter on rehabilitation focuses on the need to set short and long-term goals that are challenging but achievable, and that include family and leisure-related activities.

Lifestyle changes advocated to reduce the risk of another stroke include reducing salt intake, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, and boosting dietary fibre intake. Detailed advice is given on reducing alcohol intake and quitting smoking. The final chapter on life after a stroke covers both physical and psychological issues. Adaptations to the bathroom can make maintaining hygiene easier, and advice is given on dealing with fatigue and anxiety. Organisations relevant to stroke care are listed, together with their websites, and references to the clinical literature are provided, enabling the reader to explore specific issues in more depth.

Mark Greener | Sheldon Press | 144pp | £9.99 | ISBN: 9781847093097 Reviewed by John Adams, honorary research associate, faculty of nursing and midwifery, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Personal Resilience for Healthcare Staff. When the going gets tough ★★★★★ This essential, logical and practical guide was written specifically for people experiencing anxiety as a result of working in the health service. The content is presented crisply and neatly to reinforce the concept of allowing yourself space and clarity to absorb information without distraction, and ways of developing personal resilience are explored. The book looks at why health service workers are particularly susceptible to difficulties, and

provides sound advice on general wellbeing, both for the individual and healthcare workers as a whole. The workbook format contains many interactive exercises. I particularly liked the emotional intelligence questionnaire, which was useful, fun and engaging. As well as opening your eyes to an awareness of yourself, it shines a light on the behaviour and characteristics of those around you. This is a great book to help you reflect on and plan your life, whether you need to find your direction or stabilise the equilibrium of your present course. Originally published in 2013, this thought-provoking book seems particularly timely given the current turbulent climate of the NHS.

John Edmonstone | Radcliffe Publishing | 141pp | £29.99 | ISBN: 978-1846199837 Reviewed by Sue Shaw, staff nurse, New Hall Hospital, Salisbury, Wiltshire

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