Career motivation and burnout among medical students in Hungary - could altruism be a protection factor?

Burnout is a major issue among medical students. Its general characteristics are loss of interest in study and lack of motivation. A study of the phen...
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Burnout, quality of life, motivation, and academic achievement among medical students: A person-oriented approach.
The aim of this study was to identify burnout and quality of life profiles of medical students and determine their associations with academic motivation and achievement on progress tests using a person-oriented approach.

Burnout among U.S. medical students, residents, and early career physicians relative to the general U.S. population.
To compare the prevalence of burnout and other forms of distress across career stages and the experiences of trainees and early career (EC) physicians versus those of similarly aged college graduates pursuing other careers.

The relationship between spirituality and burnout among medical students.
Medical student burnout has been associated with depression, loss of empathy, and suicidal ideation. Spirituality has been identified in previous studies as a protective factor in coping with the stress but has not been examined as a factor in medica

Behaviour and burnout in medical students.
Burnout is prevalent in doctors and can impact on job dissatisfaction and patient care. In medical students, burnout is associated with poorer self-rated health; however, it is unclear what factors influence its development. This study investigated w

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Impostor syndrome and burnout among American medical students: a pilot study.
To describe levels of burnout and impostor syndrome (IS) in medical students, and to recognize demographic differences in those experiencing burnout and IS.

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To assess levels of burnout in medical students, and to explore the influence of extracurricular activities on burnout at a medical school in Saudi Arabia.

Career exploration behavior of Korean medical students.
This study is to analyze the effects of medical students' social support and career barriers on career exploration behavior mediated by career decision-making self-efficacy.

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The aim of this study is to assess the mutual relationships between burnout and sleep disorders in students in the preclinical phase of medical school.

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