A vaccine developed for breast cancer has been shown to be safe and might help to slow the cancer’s progression, according to phase 1 trial findings. Mammaglobin-A (MAM-A) is a secretary protein expressed almost exclusively in breast cancer and overexpressed in up to 80% of primary metastatic breast cancers. This makes the protein a prime candidate for breast cancer vaccine therapy. For this study, William Gillanders and colleagues vaccinated 14 patients who had metastatic breast cancer that expressed MAM-A with three doses of a 4 mg MAM-A DNA vaccine to assess the vaccine’s safety. Overall, the vaccine was safe, with only grade 1–2 adverse events, such as vaccine site tenderness and mild flu-like symptoms reported by the patients. The

frequency of MAM-A-specific CD8 T cells significantly increased after vaccination (0·9% [SD 0·5%] vs 3·8% [SD 1·2%]; p

Breast cancer vaccine shows promise.

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