Breakfast eating habits among medical students.

Breakfast is often thought to be the most important meal of the day as it is known to provide energy for the brain and improve learning. It is also kn...
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Usual breakfast eating habits affect response to breakfast skipping in overweight women.
This randomized, cross-over trial was designed to investigate the metabolic and appetitive responses to skipping breakfast in overweight women who were habitual breakfast Eaters or Skippers.

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Survey of medical curricula continues to show that nutrition education is not universally adequate. One measure of nutritional educational competence is a positive change in student eating habits.

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Santrauka Įžanga. Atsparumas antibakteriniams vaistams – ryškėjanti problema visame pasaulyje. Ją lemia įvairūs netinkami antibiotikų vartojimo įpročiai, vienas jų – savigyda. Šiuo tyrimu siekiama išsiaiškinti, kaip tarp medicinos specialistų ir stud

Tobacco Smoking Habits Among First Year Medical Students, University of Prishtina, Kosovo: Cross-sectional Study.
Tobacco smoking remains the leading causes of preventable morbidity and mortality in the world, requiring intensified national and international public health response. World Health Organization (WHO) has urged health professional organizations to en

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OBJECTIVE To describe the prevalence of eating habits considered healthy in adolescents according to sex, age, education level of the mother, school type, session of study, and geographic region. METHODS The assessed data come from the Study of Cardi

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