Branchiosyllis, Haplosyllis, Opisthosyllis and Trypanosyllis (Annelida: Syllidae) from Brazil, with the Description of Two New Species.

Brazilian specimens of Branchiosyllis cf. exilis, B. tamandarensis sp. n., Haplosyllis lattigae sp. n., H. loboi, Opisthosyllis brunnea and O. viridis...
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Guide and keys for the identification of Syllidae (Annelida, Phyllodocida) from the British Isles (reported and expected species).
In November 2012, a workshop was carried out on the taxonomy and systematics of the family Syllidae (Annelida: Phyllodocida) at the Dove Marine Laboratory, Cullercoats, Tynemouth, UK for the National Marine Biological Analytical Quality Control (NMBA

Notes on the Neotropical Zethus Fabricius, 1804 (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Eumeninae) with the description of two new species from Brazil.
Two new species, Zethus (Zethus) aliceae Lopes, sp. nov. (Brazil) and Z. (Zethus) sinuostylus Lopes, sp. nov. (Brazil) are described and figured. New synonymy is proposed for Zethus (Zethoides) biglumis Spinola, 1841 (=Zethus ferrugineus de Saussure,

On the diversity of the SE Indo-Pacific species of Terebellides (Annelida; Trichobranchidae), with the description of a new species.
The study of material collected during routine monitoring surveys dealing with oil extraction and aquaculture in waters off Myanmar (North Andaman Sea) and in the Gulf of Thailand, respectively, allowed us to analyse the taxonomy and diversity of the

Description of two new species of Hisonotus Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 1889 (Ostariophysi, Loricariidae) from the rio Paraná-Paraguay basin, Brazil.
Two new species of Hisonotus are described from the rio Paraná-Paraguay basin in Brazil. The most remarkable features of the new species are the odontodes forming longitudinally aligned rows (one odontode after the other, but not necessarily forming

Two new species of Tynanthus Miers (Bignonieae, Bignoniaceae) from Brazil.
Tynanthus is a genus of lianas that is broadly distributed through the Neotropics. Two new species of Tynanthus from Brazil are here described and illustrated: Tynanthusdensiflorus, from Amazonas, and Tynanthusespiritosantensis, from Espírito Santo.

Two species of Naididae (Annelida, Clitellata) from southern Tibet, China.
One new species of Naidinae (Oligochaeta, Naididae), Naisbadia sp. n. and one new record species from China, Tubifexmontanus Kowalewski, 1919 (Tubificinae) are found in southern Tibet. The new species is distinguished from congeners by its large area

Two new species of Mediomastus (Annelida, Capitellidae) from Tokyo Bay, Japan.
Two undescribed species of polychaetes in Mediomastus (Annelida: Capitellidae) were collected from intertidal to shallow habitats in Tokyo Bay, Japan. These are M. duobalteus sp. n. and M. hanedaensis sp. n. Mediomastus duobalteus sp. n. is distingui

Redefinition of Cosmolaelaps Berlese (Acari: Laelapidae) and description of five new species from Brazil.
Cosmolaelaps Berlese, 1903 was originally described as a subgenus of Laelaps Koch. More recently, this group has been treated at the generic level or as a subgenus of Hypoaspis Canestrini, 1885. One of the objectives of the present paper is to provid

New species of Trophoniella from Shimoda, Japan (Annelida, Flabelligeridae).
Trophoniella hephaistos sp. n. was collected from a tank irrigated with seawater pumped directly from Nabeta Bay, Japan. This species is discriminated from other Trophoniella by having dorsal tubercles, a tongue-shaped branchial plate, a tunic covere