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"T" in the middle?and see us, the Bradford Local Association, there. feels important but unloved?the centre of the world wool industry, renowned for its dirt, a good place to get out of, in deadly sibling rivalry with its big brother Leeds. As the fabled dog carried its shagginess, so Bradford carries its sturdy indeIt can be too darned pendence.


inaugural meeting of the Association (in April 1960), following a meeting at the Town Hall addressed by Lady Norman, was richly comic. An earnest platform was continually The

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The first Executive Committee held a week or two later wasi c and bright?until it was that there was no syllabus for Associations, and we were oil own. This was probably the intelligence which could make a ford Association work compuls'tl and its magic is still with us. ,i small Executive Committee by the inaugural meeting represented other interests, and soon sifted itself out into a








people who, being already in




but not felt that here work of Christian charity, which to be done. Indeed, although tD

voluntary work,



House Activities,


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submerged by strident groups, each proposition was garlanded with amendments, and above all

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Scottish country dancing group rehearsing with full volume. Nonetheless the Association was formed,

was a

having adopted the Constitution by the National Association




Mental Health for Local Associations, but without the bye-laws on the back of the page, with the result that recently we have had to re-think the legal situation.



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been any overt urge underlies d, work. This is no cold service and it was with great that last year, when he retired afld I the district, we said good-bye much-loved Rabbi elected that nifr our Committee. On the other hand at the gathered that the Local Authority.^ a dominant factor in this work have fostered the relationship in possible way, and have a most w never






Lindley Lindley House H ouse Activities,

Activities, Bradford Bradford and Jamie Jack

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organised Flag Days organised (since (since Days Flag as a Charity registering a as Charity registering we have had one in have had one in we Bradford and Otley and Bradford Otley each year) and worked and worked each year) of out forms bequest out forms of bequest and covenanted subsuband covenanted We have scription. have We scription. received one already received one already and are now in legacy in and areofnow legacy tax regular receipt tax of regular receipt reclaims which, though reclaims useful. though small, are which,

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association with with them them atat le^y leva?Py association For ^or ^is deeply Sratepy? deeply gratefn? and ant* I * would would like l'ke toto pay

latched on to an an immediately latched on to immediately club run the Local evening club by the Local run by evening for mentally handicapped Authority for mentally handicapped Authority and to this has been added

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lhe thehost hostofofLocal Local Authority w?rK Authority Wor^ week inin and and week .who, week week out, give givecfSgS ^o, out, ^ar over over and arK* beyond ealis beyond any any calls e7!ce JCe^ar could could legally made up0n legally bebe made Up0n )Yhlch jyoich rnbeen has Their Their example example has been heart hea^.v. has and and I I am am sure sure has Had'Warmin8, niade Us arrn,nS> s work Woi"k much much harder. harder. (This not ?lott t0 (This isis

young men, been added young men, and to this has now run in for girls. These are now run in These are for girls. with the Local Authority, conjunction with the Local Authority, conjunction with membership cards (with complete with (with membership cards metal complete the City coat of arms) and metal the City coat of arms) and To with touching enthusiasm. To badges, with touching enthusiasm. badges, on a summer trip with the clubs go on a summer trip with the clubs go and see their enjoyment and care care for and for and see their enjoyment each other, and to hear one of their each other, and to hear one of their number (with such effort) rise after number (with such effort) rise after lea to thank us, is one of life's prolea to thank us, is one of life's proone one



,Saythat that our path has been been path has Un,say en and .ken a?d glorious success?

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glorious success? mind the theglories ofthe the Frenches glories of KrencPnng totomind Hotel Midland at the at the Midland Hotel 91?1 With With a 91?1 Vls'tin2 speaker, Consultant speaker, aa Consultant ^yc'hj SfVisiting st st renowned a renowned in in the the area, real]v rea]iv 8?0t* area, a .




and programme, and twelve twelve ^?P?dUsUs film programme, the empty watching the watching empty chajrs. chajrs. we are are still elated we we still elated ?an iK-lnd thinl* Kif we t^le

Mayor,n Mayor

Bishop, Bishop,

the the Lord Lord

of massed massed potentates potentates of aiK* rooms anP

residence, drawing itself but offering




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News Letter we our members is full of to t0 ra*Se moneY ^bsiH 1Se our work, and we know that in t> 6 s run we shah not appeal in Vain f?r money or work?nor Wj]J Local Authority ever let us dow w^enever we would like their


exh0?tUt-to ?


Bradford and District, therefore, presents the picture of a possibly over-

committed but highly independent Association without influential backing, without Local Authority grant, with and but confident great determination to surge ahead ceaselessly in every opening field of service. For further information about the Bradford Association please write to: Mr. A. D. Flather, 24 Haslingden Drive, Bradford, 9.

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