Biomarkers for physical frailty and sarcopenia: state of the science and future developments.

Physical frailty and sarcopenia are two common and largely overlapping geriatric conditions upstream of the disabling cascade. The lack of a unique op...
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Identification of biological markers for better characterization of older subjects with physical frailty and sarcopenia.
Population aging is rapidly accelerating worldwide; however, longer life expectancy is not the only public health goal. Indeed, extended lifetime involves maintaining function and the capacity of living independently. Sarcopenia and physical frailty

[Sarcopenia and frailty in neurology].
Sarcopenia and frailty are common geriatric syndromes and are associated with adverse health outcome and impaired health-related quality of life. Co-occurrences of these two syndromes with age-related neurological diseases are potentially high but no

Operationalization of the physical frailty & sarcopenia syndrome: rationale and clinical implementation.
Over the years, different operational definitions have been elaborated to identify frail older persons, but none of them has received unanimous consensus. This, in turn, has hampered the clinical implementation of frailty as well as the design of tar

Loss of muscle mass: current developments in cachexia and sarcopenia focused on biomarkers and treatment.
Loss of muscle mass arises from an imbalance of protein synthesis and protein degradation. Potential triggers of muscle wasting and function are immobilization, loss of appetite, dystrophies, and chronic diseases as well as aging. All these condition

Sarcopenia and frailty often co-exist and both have physical function impairment as a core component. Yet despite the urgency of the problem, the development of pharmaceutical therapies for sarcopenia and frailty has lagged, in part because of the la

Counteracting the Trajectory of Frailty and Sarcopenia in Older Adults.
Food preservation technologies and medical advances in the past 50 years have contributed to safeguarding the health and prolonging the lives of individuals worldwide. However, living longer does not automatically equate with being healthy, living in

Sarcopenia and frailty in elderly trauma patients.
Sarcopenia describes a loss of muscle mass and resultant decrease in strength, mobility, and function that can be quantified by CT. We hypothesized that sarcopenia and related frailty characteristics are related to discharge disposition after blunt t

Sarcopenia, Frailty, and Diabetes in Older Adults.
Populations are aging and the prevalence of diabetes mellitus is increasing tremendously. The number of older people with diabetes is increasing unexpectedly. Aging and diabetes are both risk factors for functional disability. Thus, increasing number

The evolution of laryngeal reinnervation, the current state of science and thoughts for future treatments.
The treatment of unilateral vocal fold palsy (UVFP) or bilateral vocal fold palsy (BVFP) has been the subject of debate and experiment for 150 years. To date, dozens of different surgical methods have been described to reinnervate this most complex o