Biodiversity of NPQ.

In their natural environment plants and algae are exposed to rapidly changing light conditions and light intensities. Illumination with high light int...
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Comparison of the protective effectiveness of NPQ in Arabidopsis plants deficient in PsbS protein and zeaxanthin.
The efficiency of protective energy dissipation by non-photochemical quenching (NPQ) in photosystem II (PSII) has been recently quantified by a new non-invasive photochemical quenching parameter, qPd. PSII yield (ФPSII) was expressed in terms of NPQ,

Physiological functions of PsbS-dependent and PsbS-independent NPQ under naturally fluctuating light conditions.
The PsbS protein plays an important role in dissipating excess light energy as heat in photosystem II (PSII). However, the physiological importance of PsbS under naturally fluctuating light has not been quantitatively estimated. Here we investigated

Secondary extinctions of biodiversity.
Extinctions beget further extinctions when species lose obligate mutualists, predators, prey, or hosts. Here, we develop a conceptual model of species and community attributes affecting secondary extinction likelihood, incorporating mechanisms that b

Origins of Biodiversity.
Biodiversity today is huge, and it has a long history. Identifying rules for the heterogeneity of modern biodiversity-the high to low species richness of different clades-has been hard. There are measurable biodiversity differences between land and s

Generalized model of island biodiversity.
The dynamics of a local community of competing species with weak immigration from a static regional pool is studied. Implementing the generalized competitive Lotka-Volterra model with demographic noise, a rich dynamics with four qualitatively distinc

The biodiversity of carbon assimilation.
As all plastids that have been investigated so far can be traced back to endosymbiotic uptake of cyanobacteria by heterotrophic host cells, they accordingly show a high similarity regarding photosynthesis, which includes both the photosystems and the

Maintenance of biodiversity on islands.
MacArthur and Wilson's theory of island biogeography predicts that island species richness should increase with island area. This prediction generally holds among large islands, but among small islands species richness often varies independently of i