Biodiversity: broaden the search.

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Newly isolated mAbs broaden the neutralizing epitope in murine norovirus.
Here, we report the isolation and functional characterization of mAbs against two murine norovirus (MNV) strains, MNV-1 and WU20, which were isolated following oral infection of mice. The mAbs were screened for reactivity against the respective homol

The biodiversity of carbon assimilation.
As all plastids that have been investigated so far can be traced back to endosymbiotic uptake of cyanobacteria by heterotrophic host cells, they accordingly show a high similarity regarding photosynthesis, which includes both the photosystems and the

Biodiversity Areas under Threat: Overlap of Climate Change and Population Pressures on the World's Biodiversity Priorities.
Humans and the ecosystem services they depend on are threatened by climate change. Places with high or growing human population as well as increasing climate variability, have a reduced ability to provide ecosystem services just as the need for these

Time to standardize and broaden the criteria of acute coronary syndrome symptom presentations in women.
Early recognition of the signs and symptoms of acute coronary syndromes (ACS) is essential to improving patient management and associated outcomes. It is widely reported that women might have a different ACS symptom presentation than men. Multiple re

Capturing biodiversity: linking a cyanobacteria culture collection to the "scratchpads" virtual research environment enhances biodiversity knowledge.
Currently, cyanobacterial diversity is examined using a polyphasic approach by assessing morphological and molecular data (Komárek 2015). However, the comparison of morphological and genetic data is sometimes hindered by the lack of cultures of sever