Best Cosmetic Dentists in Sugar Land, TX

All brides should look as beautiful as possible on wedding day. As your dentist in Sugar Land, We are ready to give you the whitest, brightest smile i...
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Restoration Smiles clinic is one of the dentistry for kids; We are providing preventive and general dental care for children’s in Tomball, Houston, TX. Book an appointment today and call us at - ( 713-999-6716 )

"A Doubt is at Best an Unsafe Standard": Measuring Sugar in the Early Bureau of Standards.
In 1900, measuring the purity of sugar was a problem with serious economic consequences, and Congress created the Bureau of Standards in part to create accurate standards for saccharimetry. To direct the Polarimetry Section, Director Stratton hired t

Simple rules can guide whether land- or ocean-based conservation will best benefit marine ecosystems.
Coastal marine ecosystems can be managed by actions undertaken both on the land and in the ocean. Quantifying and comparing the costs and benefits of actions in both realms is therefore necessary for efficient management. Here, we quantify the link b

Antibacterial Activity of Ti₃C₂Tx MXene.
MXenes are a family of atomically thin, two-dimensional (2D) transition metal carbides and carbonitrides with many attractive properties. Two-dimensional Ti3C2Tx (MXene) has been recently explored for applications in water desalination/purification m

Oncological safety and cosmetic outcomes in oncoplastic breast conservation surgery, a review of the best level of evidence literature.
Oncoplastic breast conservation surgery (OBCS) is increasingly becoming part of routine breast cancer surgical management. OBCS may be viewed as an extension of standard breast conservation surgery for resecting tumors of larger sizes without comprom