Belowground biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

Evidence is mounting that the immense diversity of microorganisms and animals that live belowground contributes significantly to shaping aboveground b...
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Biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and classical biological control.
Increasing concern over worldwide loss of biodiversity has led ecologists to focus intently on how ecosystem functioning may depend on diversity. In applied entomology, there is longstanding interest in the issue, especially as regards the importance

Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in dynamic landscapes.
The relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (BEF) and its consequence for ecosystem services has predominantly been studied by controlled, short-term and small-scale experiments under standardized environmental conditions and cons

Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in evolving food webs.
We use computer simulations in order to study the interplay between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (BEF) during both the formation and the ongoing evolution of large food webs. A species in our model is characterized by its own body mass, its

Conservation implications of the link between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.
The relationship between biodiversity and individual ecosystem processes is often asymptotic, saturating at relatively low levels, with some species contributing more strongly than others. This has cast doubt on arguments for conservation based on ma

Trait-based approaches for understanding microbial biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.
In ecology, biodiversity-ecosystem functioning (BEF) research has seen a shift in perspective from taxonomy to function in the last two decades, with successful application of trait-based approaches. This shift offers opportunities for a deeper mecha

Migratory animals couple biodiversity and ecosystem functioning worldwide.
Animal migrations span the globe, involving immense numbers of individuals from a wide range of taxa. Migrants transport nutrients, energy, and other organisms as they forage and are preyed upon throughout their journeys. These highly predictable, pu

The links between ecosystem multifunctionality and above- and belowground biodiversity are mediated by climate.
Plant biodiversity is often correlated with ecosystem functioning in terrestrial ecosystems. However, we know little about the relative and combined effects of above- and belowground biodiversity on multiple ecosystem functions (for example, ecosyste

Real world biodiversity-ecosystem functioning: a seafloor perspective.
The effective application of biodiversity-ecosystem function (BEF) research to societal needs amid the Anthropocene represents the next grand challenge for ecology. Biodiversity knowledge that is most meaningful to society must reconcile insights der

Chronic and intensive bottom trawling impairs deep-sea biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.
Bottom trawling has many impacts on marine ecosystems, including seafood stock impoverishment, benthos mortality, and sediment resuspension. Historical records of this fishing practice date back to the mid-1300s. Trawling became a widespread practice