Atypical benign melanotic thoracic intradural schwannoma.

We discuss the 8th known case of a patient who presented with an intradural intramedullary spinal melanocytic schwannoma. In this report we will discu...
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Melanotic schwannoma of thoracic spinal root mimics metastatic melanoma: a potential pitfall for misdiagnosis.
Melanotic Schwannoma (MS) is a kind of rare subtypes of Schwannoma. In this tumor, amounts of melanin always mislead inexperienced pathologists to a diagnosis of primary or metastastic melanoma. Different from the ordinary Schwannoma, MS is considere

Psammomatous Melanotic Schwannoma: A Challenging Histological Diagnosis.
Psammomatous melanotic schwannoma (PMS) is a rare pigmented tumor that can be part of the Carney complex. Here, we describe the case of a 35-year-old female patient presenting an isolated subcutaneous PMS. Histopathological analysis could not formall

Primary Psammomatous Melanotic Schwannoma of the Spine.
Schwannoma is an easily identifiable and frequently diagnosed lesion of the spinal column. However, if the schwannoma contains a melanin component, the diagnosis is challenging. Our purpose in this case report is to discuss the imaging and histopatho

Hemorrhagic thoracic schwannoma presenting with intradural hematoma and acute paraplegia after spinal manipulation therapy.
Hemorrhagic conversion of spinal schwannomas represents a rare occurrence; also rare is the development of a spinal intradural hematoma after spinal manipulation therapy. We report a unique presentation of paraplegia in a patient who underwent spinal

Spinal Schwannoma with Intradural Intramedullary Hemorrhage.
Patients with spinal abnormalities infrequently present with intradural intramedullary bleeding. The more common causes include spinal trauma, arteriovenous malformations and saccular aneurysms of spinal arteries. On occasion, spinal cord tumors eith

Retroperitoneal schwannoma: an atypical presentation.
Schwannoma is a rare tumour arising from Schwann cells in myelinated neural sheath of the nerves. They can arise in various places like head, neck, extremities, adrenal, retro peritoneum, psoas muscle. We here present a case of 33-year-old male who c

Atypical manifestation of vestibular schwannoma.
Introduction Vestibular schwannoma (also known as acoustic neuroma) is a benign tumor whose cells are derived from Schwann sheaths, which commonly occurs from the vestibular portion of the eighth cranial nerve. Furthermore, vestibular schwannomas acc

An atypical case of intracerebral schwannoma.
We report a case of intracerebral cystic schwannoma in the temporal fossa manifested as a gradually worsening headache in a 49-years-old woman. Computed Tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed a left temporal partly cystic, partly

Primary Intradural Extramedullary Spinal Melanoma in the Lower Thoracic Spine.
Background Context. Up to date, only four cases of primary intradural extramedullary spinal cord melanoma (PIEM) have been reported. No previous reports have described a case of PIEM located in the lower thoracic spine with long-term follow-up. Purpo