Aquatic plant Azolla as the universal feedstock for biofuel production.

The quest for sustainable production of renewable and cheap biofuels has triggered an intensive search for domestication of the next generation of bio...
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Microalgae as sustainable renewable energy feedstock for biofuel production.
The world energy crisis and increased greenhouse gas emissions have driven the search for alternative and environmentally friendly renewable energy sources. According to life cycle analysis, microalgae biofuel is identified as one of the major renewa

Biofuel production from microalgae as feedstock: current status and potential.
Algal biofuel has become an attractive alternative of petroleum-based fuels in the past decade. Microalgae have been proposed as a feedstock to produce biodiesel, since they are capable of mitigating CO2 emission and accumulating lipids with high pro

Process energy comparison for the production and harvesting of algal biomass as a biofuel feedstock.
Harvesting and drying are often described as the most energy intensive stages of microalgal biofuel production. This study analyzes two cultivation and eleven harvest technologies for the production of microalgae biomass with and without the use of d

Plant biotechnology for lignocellulosic biofuel production.
Lignocelluloses from plant cell walls are attractive resources for sustainable biofuel production. However, conversion of lignocellulose to biofuel is more expensive than other current technologies, due to the costs of chemical pretreatment and enzym

Potential process 'hurdles' in the use of macroalgae as feedstock for biofuel production in the British Isles.
This review examines the potential technical and energy balance hurdles in the production of seaweed biofuel, and in particular for the MacroBioCrude processing pipeline for the sustainable manufacture of liquid hydrocarbon fuels from seaweed in the

Sweet sorghum as biofuel feedstock: recent advances and available resources.
Sweet sorghum is a promising target for biofuel production. It is a C4 crop with low input requirements and accumulates high levels of sugars in its stalks. However, large-scale planting on marginal lands would require improved varieties with optimiz

Engineering of plant cell walls for enhanced biofuel production.
The biomass of plants consists predominately of cell walls, a sophisticated composite material composed of various polymer networks including numerous polysaccharides and the polyphenol lignin. In order to utilize this renewable, highly abundant reso

Crustacean zooplankton in aerated wastewater treatment lagoons as a potential feedstock for biofuel.
Zooplankton biomass productivity was estimated for two 64,000 m3 (1.7 ha) facultative aerated wastewater treatment lagoons to evaluate potential biodiesel production from zooplankton biomass. Lagoons were monitored bi-weekly during summer 2010. Lipid

Screening microalgae isolated from urban storm- and wastewater systems as feedstock for biofuel.
Exploiting microalgae as feedstock for biofuel production is a growing field of research and application, but there remain challenges related to industrial viability and economic sustainability. A solution to the water requirements of industrial-scal

Fungal pretreatment of raw digested piggery wastewater enhancing the survival of algae as biofuel feedstock.
Understanding about the impact of white rot fungi on indigenous bacterial communities, NH4+ and turbidity in digested piggery wastewater, will allow the optimization of wastewater treatment methods and its use as a feasible medium for algal growth. H