Proportional changes in the prices of 425 individual common stocks were recorded for each of 44 quarter-year periods. After normalization of the data ...
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Quantifying the effect of investors' attention on stock market.
The investors' attention has been extensively used to predict the stock market. Different from existing proxies of the investors' attention, such as the Google trends, Baidu index (BI), we argue the collective attention from the stock trading platfor

Dynamic evolution of cross-correlations in the Chinese stock market.
The analysis of cross-correlations is extensively applied for the understanding of interconnections in stock markets and the portfolio risk estimation. Current studies of correlations in Chinese market mainly focus on the static correlations between

Profitability of Contrarian Strategies in the Chinese Stock Market.
This paper reexamines the profitability of loser, winner and contrarian portfolios in the Chinese stock market using monthly data of all stocks traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange covering the period from January 1997 to

Quantifying the relationship between financial news and the stock market.
The complex behavior of financial markets emerges from decisions made by many traders. Here, we exploit a large corpus of daily print issues of the Financial Times from 2(nd) January 2007 until 31(st) December 2012 to quantify the relationship betwee

Confidence and the stock market: an agent-based approach.
Using a behavioral finance approach we study the impact of behavioral bias. We construct an artificial market consisting of fundamentalists and chartists to model the decision-making process of various agents. The agents differ in their strategies fo

Exploring Market State and Stock Interactions on the Minute Timescale.
A stock market is a non-stationary complex system. The stock interactions are important for understanding the state of the market. However, our knowledge on the stock interactions on the minute timescale is limited. Here we apply the random matrix th

Collective Behavior of Market Participants during Abrupt Stock Price Changes.
Under uncertainty, human and animal collectives often respond stochastically to events they encounter. Human or animal individuals behave depending on others' actions, and sometimes follow choices that are sub-optimal for individuals. Such mimetic be

Crisis-like behavior in China's stock market and its interpretation.
In order for China to play a bigger, more positive role in the world, it is important for China to have a healthy capital market. This perception motivates us to examine the health of China's capital market, especially the severity of the overall los

Association between Stock Market Gains and Losses and Google Searches.
Experimental studies in the area of Psychology and Behavioral Economics have suggested that people change their search pattern in response to positive and negative events. Using Internet search data provided by Google, we investigated the relationshi

Confidence and self-attribution bias in an artificial stock market.
Using an agent-based model we examine the dynamics of stock price fluctuations and their rates of return in an artificial financial market composed of fundamentalist and chartist agents with and without confidence. We find that chartist agents who ar