Indian Medical Gazette."

Sir,?At page 318 of last August's issue of the Indian Medical Gazette you published a letter of mine ou an objectionable form-of medical advertising in the Calcutta daily papers. I regret to have again to trouble you ou the subject of unprofessional conduct; but the advertisement now lying ou my table requires serious notice. The mere fact of drawing attention to this advertisement will probably suffice to cause its withdrawal and suppression, so I purposely omit the mention of any names, though I can vouch for the accuracy of the facts. The advertisement is in the vernacular, and it has beeu circulated throughout the district of which this Medical The following is a fairly Officer is the Civil Surgeon. accurate translation :

Dr. sahib, having been appoiuted Civil Surgeon, He is very skilful in surgery has arrived in and cutting. He is especially successful in the treatment of cataracts, stone, and all sort of surgical diseases. When he was in district, and in , and in every other district he successfully treated very many diseases of this to notice all and every one is all kinds. Therefore given by this paper. As many sick of all kinds in this district as come to the Sadar Hospital will be treated. And we hope that no one will go away without being cured. Patients will be fed as long as they stay in the hospital. .

(Signed) Assistant Surgeon,

Hospital. This


is probably the outcome of misapplied zeal. The Medical Officer referred to is unquestionably a skilful surgeon, and needs no advertisement of The uncharitable his powers as a physioiau and surgeon. might attribute base motives for the issue of such a circular ; but it is quite unnecessary to assume that there was any such intention. The Medical Officer may be suffering from the cacoethes operandi ; his mind may be a prey to the modern moloch of figures, returns and statistics ; or he may be a practical utilitarian philosopher eager to do the greatest gool to the largest number in the shortest time, by advertising that he has the power and the will to confer gratuitous or



on suffering humanity. Nevertheless, it is necessary for us all to remember our philanthropic deeds should be performed without laudation or gross offence to the rccognised code of


Calcutta, 30th June 1895.

that self-

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