An unusual stab wound to the buttock.

Stab wounds to the buttock are uncommon injuries that are rarely seen in surgical civilian practice. Although, the wound appears trivial, it may cause...
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Unusual sequela from a pencil stab wound reveals a retained graphite foreign body.
Penetrating pencil-tip injuries are common among children and usually resolve without long-term sequelae. However, failure to detect and remove embedded pencil fragments can result in increased morbidity or misdiagnoses of other, more serious, condit

Candida albicans spondylodiscitis following an abdominal stab wound: forensic considerations.
Candida albicans spondylodiscitis is a fungal infection of the spine which is still unusual in spite of the increasing frequency of predisposing factors. A 22-year-old man received an abdominal stab wound during a physical assault. Initial medical ca

Comparison of stab wound probing versus radiological stab wound channel depiction with contrast medium.
Instillation of contrast medium into stab wounds has shown promising results regarding visibility and assessment of general stab direction with computed tomography. However, the accuracy of this method--and, incidentally also probing of stab wounds--

Brown-Sequard syndrome associated with unusual spinal cord injury by a screwdriver stab wound.
Stab wounds resulting in spinal cord injuries are very rare. In direct central back stabbings, the layers of muscles and the spinal column tends to deflect blades, rarely causing injuries to the spinal cord. We report an unusual case of traumatic spi

Penetrating injury to the buttock: an update.
Clinical research on penetrating injury to the buttock is sparse and largely limited to case reports and clinical series. The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed overview of literature of the topic and to propose a basic algorithm for mana

Retained foreign body after chest stab wound.
Foreign bodies may occur after a thoracic trauma, but foreign bodies retained after stab wounds are rare. This paper reports the case of a 20-year-old man who was admitted with the diagnosis of haemothorax following a single stab wound on the chest.

Delayed myelopathy secondary to stab wound with a retained blade tip within the laminae: case report.
Delayed neurologic deficit after a stab wound with a retained foreign body near the spinal canal is unusual, adequate radiological examination is fundamental in detecting retained foreign bodies, especially the CT scan, surgical extraction of the for

A concealed atriopleural fistula resulting from a cardiac stab wound.
A young male presented with a right parasternal stab wound. The chest radiography was normal and transthoracic echocardiography ruled out pericardial tamponade. He remained hemodynamically stable until three hours later when signs of progressive anem