Call for abstracts and posters British Lymphology Society Annual Conference 2014 International Conference Centre, Birmingham 5–7 October

Details for submitting abstracts for verbal and/or poster presentation Abstracts and posters may be submitted on: w Research studies w Audits w Case reports w Service developments/initiatives including user involvement w Literature reviews. The BLS Scientific Committee will return one of the following decisions: w Accepted without alteration w Accepted with suggested amendments w Not accepted—authors will be provided with written feedback on the reasons for this decision w Confirmation of whether for oral or for poster presentation. The criteria for acceptance are that submissions are shown to: w Be relevant to the BLS, i.e. related to chronic oedema and its treatment


All abstracts will be reproduced in the conference programme and submission of an abstract constitutes consent for publication. Selected abstracts may also appear in the BLS quarterly newsletter ‘News & Views’ and/or Journal of Lymphoedema. You must agree to present your paper/poster at whatever time is scheduled within the conference programme. BLS Scientific Committee will decide on the appropriate time to allocate based on the nature of the abstract and its content.

Corporate prizes Companies who are corporate members of the BLS have jointly agreed to award 4 prizes of £250 for abstracts and posters submitted by BLS members in the following categories: a) Best novice poster presentation b) Best overall poster presentation c) Best novice verbal abstract presentation d) Best overall verbal abstract presentation. The BLS Scientific Committee will decide on the winners and their decision will be final.

Electronic submission Abstracts must be submitted electronically. The submission process is being handled by Oxford Abstracts. To submit an abstract for a presentation or a poster, click on the following link:

Deadline for submission: Friday 27 June 2014 Guidelines for abstract submission It may not be possible to include all presentations and

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he verbal presentation of abstracts and the display of posters detailing work done by members is a key element in the exchange of good practice at the British Lymphology Society (BLS) Conference. It provides an opportunity to bring work to the attention of a wide audience, enhancing the prestige of the presenter. BLS Trustees and the BLS Scientific Committee wish to provide members with the maximum support in submitting their work. Guidance is available from: w Andrew Hughes, Chair of the BLS Scientific Committee ([email protected]) w BLS Committee Members (list of Committee in ‘News & Views’ and BLS website).

w Fit one of the categories above w Be clearly and concisely presented and follow the suggested structure (see below) where appropriate w Be reporting work that has been approved by an appropriate body, e.g. research ethics committee, trust R&D, local audit committee w Demonstrate that the method is appropriate to the aims and should include statistics where relevant.

Chronic Oedema, April 2014

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posters and so the merit and quality of the work must be judged on the basis of the abstract. The following guidance is intended to help those submitting abstracts to present them in a clear and concise framework to facilitate assessment by the BLS Scientific Committee. It is recognised that some papers may not fit the structure exactly, so some flexibility is appropriate. While recognising there is limited space, it would be useful to include one or two key references in the abstract.

granted by an appropriate committee.

Case reports These should include: w Reason for report w Cases(s) description (confirm consent) w Discussion, e.g. compare with previous reports; implications for practice.

Service development initiatives Research studies (quantitative or qualitative) These should include: w Introduction/background w Aims of study w Methods (including statistics, whether ethics committee approval has been given) w Results w Conclusions, i.e. what does the study add to existing knowledge Studies should preferably be completed before presentation at the conference. However, it is recognised that, sometimes, where the methodology is complex, it is worth sharing this at an earlier stage.

These should include: w Aims w Description w Evaluation, indicating any user involvement.

Educational initiatives These should include: w Introduction w Aims w Rationale w Description w Evaluation.

Literature reviews

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Audits These should include: w Introduction w Aim of audit w Standards being audited w Methods w Results w Conclusions, i.e. in relation to any changes in practice or revision of standards. There should also be confirmation that approval was

Chronic Oedema, April 2014 

These should include: w Aim w Search method, with inclusion and exclusion criteria w Results w Conclusion/discussion, with critical analysis. BLS Conference is an educational fundraising event whose success is dependent on the quality of the papers presented. British Lymphology Society, March 2014


h Journal of Community Nursing. Downloaded from by on December 5, 2015. For personal use only. No other uses without permission. . All rights res

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