Acute kidney injury after radical gastrectomy: a single center study.

To investigate the incidence of acute kidney injury (AKI) and identify risk factors for AKI in patients who undergo radical gastrectomy...
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Vancomycin-associated acute kidney injury: A cross-sectional study from a single center in China.
The objective of this study was to investigate the current situation of vancomycin (VAN)-associated acute kidney injury (VA-AKI) in China and identify the risk factors for VA-AKI, as well as to comprehensively examine the risk related to concurrent d

Spectrum of acute kidney injury in critically ill patients: A single center study from South India.
Acute kidney injury (AKI) is common in intensive care unit (ICU) and carries a high mortality rate. Reliable and comparable data about the clinical spectrum of AKI is necessary for optimizing management. The study was conducted to describe epidemiolo

drug induced acute kidney injury; an experience from a single center in Pakistan.
There is no information in literature specifically on the prevalence and clinicopathological characteristics of acute tubulointerstitial nephritis/drug induced acute kidney injury (AKI) from Pakistan.

Urine Output During Cardiopulmonary Bypass Predicts Acute Kidney Injury After Cardiac Surgery: A Single-Center Retrospective Analysis.
Urine output is closely associated with renal function and has been used as a diagnostic criterion for acute kidney injury (AKI). However, urine output during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) has never been identified as a predictor of postoperative AKI.

Frailty as a Predictor of Acute Kidney Injury in Hospitalized Elderly Patients: A Single Center, Retrospective Cohort Study.
Elderly patients have an increased risk for acute kidney injury (AKI). However, few studies have reported on predictors for AKI in geriatric patients. Therefore, we aimed at determining the effect of frailty as a predictor of AKI.

Spectrum of glomerular diseases causing acute kidney injury; 25 years experience from a single center.
Acute kidney injury (AKI) is common in nephro-urological practice. Its incidence, prevalence and etiology vary widely, mainly due to variations in the definitions of AKI.

Acute Kidney Injury Treated with Dialysis outside the Intensive Care Unit: A Retrospective Observational Single-Center Study.
The number of patients suffering from acute kidney injury requiring dialysis (AKI-D) is increasing. Whereas causes and outcome of AKI-D in the intensive care unit (ICU) are described extensively, few data exist about AKI-D patients treated outside th

Comparison of Acute Kidney Injury After Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy Versus Retropubic Radical Prostatectomy: A Propensity Score Matching Analysis.
Acute kidney injury (AKI) is associated with extended hospital stay, a high risk of progressive chronic kidney diseases, and increased mortality. Patients undergoing radical prostatectomy are at increased risk of AKI because of intraoperative bleedin

Invasive Fungal Infections After Kidney Transplantation: A Single-center Experience.
Invasive fungal infections (IFI) affecting transplant recipients are associated with increased mortality and graft dysfunction.

A Single-Centre Experience of Obstetric Acute Kidney Injury.
Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a clinical syndrome characterized by a sudden decline in glomerular filtration rate leading to decreased excretion of nitrogenous waste products. It continues to be a common problem in developing countries.