JOURNAL OF BONE AND MINERAL RESEARCH Volume 7, Number 10, 1992 Miry Ann Llcbert. lnc., Publlshera

Letter to the Editor Acronyms in Bone Densitometry To the Editor:

quantitative computed tomography, both researchers and clinicians will understand what we mean. In response to our publication,('] Wilson and colStill, good acronyms for ultrasound attenuation and veleagues[2' proposed the adoption of a uniform terminology locity measurements and for magnetic resonance measureand corresponding abbreviation for dual x-ray absorpti- ments, both for quantifying bone mineral density and structure, must be agreed upon. Such acronyms as QUS ometry (DXA). Since then, the number for quantitative ultrasound and QMR for quantitative We supported this of papers on DXA has increased considerably. Still, differ- magnetic resonance are consistent with QCT. Such termient abbreviations (DEXA, DER, DRA, QDR, and DPX) nology, however, clearly needs consensus development. for this technique for bone densitometry are used, several of which are proprietary in origin. DXA is the upgraded REFERENCES version of DPA (dual-photon absorptiometry). The nuclear source has been replaced by an x-ray source, and this 1. Gliier CC, Steiger P, Selvidge R. Elliesen-Kliefoth K, Hayashi C, Genant HK 1990 Comparative assessment of dual-photon improved technology has gained widespread acceptance absorptiometry and dual-energy radiography. Radiology 174: and distribution. Recently, similar developments in SPA 223-228. (single-photon absorptiometry) have occurred, which will add yet another abbreviation to densitometry terminology: 2 . Wilson CR, Collier D, Carrera GF, Jacobson DR 1990 Acronym for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry. Radiology 176: S X A for single x-ray absorptiometry, not the alternative 875. SEXA. 3. Gliier CC, Steiger P, Genant HK 1990 Reply. Radiology 176: Users and manufacturers of these techniques have now 875-876. joined efforts in an International Standards Committee."' 4. Nord RH, Stein JA. Mazess RB, Pommet RP 1991 Letter. In this committee, standards of calibration, measurement Bone Miner 13:85. units, and terminology are discussed. There is general agreement that standard abbreviations for bone densitom- Harry K. Genant, Claus C. Gliier, Kenneth G. Faulkner, Sharmila Majumdar, Steve T. Harris, Klaus Engelke, etry techniques are necessary and the term DXA has been Satashi Hagiwaea, and Cornelis van Kuijk accepted. Osteoporosis Research Group Therefore, again we emphasize the use of the acronym Department of Radiology DXA for dual x-ray absorptiometry and add the acronym University of California San Francisco S X A for single x-ray absorptiometry. When we confine San Francisco, CA 94143-0628 ourselves to SPA, S X A , DPA, and DXA, next to QCT for


Acronyms in bone densitometry.

JOURNAL OF BONE AND MINERAL RESEARCH Volume 7, Number 10, 1992 Miry Ann Llcbert. lnc., Publlshera Letter to the Editor Acronyms in Bone Densitometry...
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