TOP ABSTRACTS CHOSEN BY THE ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING COMMITTEE In advance of the upcoming annual scientific meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiology in San Diego, California the program committee wishes to highlight the award-winning scientific presentations that will take place there. These awardees were chosen using blinded review and are congratulated for their contributions. Overall more than 480 presentations and posters are available, representing 17 countries. John F. Angle, MD, FSIR 2014 Annual Meeting Scientific Program Chair

ABSTRACTS OF THE YEAR Best Overall Clinical Abstract

24-month final results from the RENOVA study: A randomized controlled comparison of stent grafts and balloon angioplasty for dialysis access graft preservation Haskal, Ziv J

Best Overall Basic Science Novel molecular targeting of Necl 5 to prevent intimal hyperplasia and restenosis Naeem, Muhammad; Abid, Ruhul; Murphy, Timothy; Park, William K.; Mills, David R.

DISTINGUISHED ABSTRACTS Assessing the efficacy, complications, and re-intervention incidence following uterine fibroid embolization in patients with large fibroids Chan, Danny; Anthwal, Shalini; Prabhudesai, Vikramaditya; Common, Andrew Modified-BRTO (balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteration) for the treatment of portal hypertensive variceal bleeding Lee, Edward W.; Kee, Stephen T.; McWilliams, Justin; Gomes, Antoinette S.; Durazo, Francisco; Saab, Sammy; Goldstein, Leonard; Busuttil, Ronald W. Paclitaxel-coated balloons as a treatment option of arterio-venous fistula stenosis: 1-year final results of a prospective randomized controlled trial Kitrou, Panagiotis M.; Spiliopoulos, Stavros; Christeas, Nikolaos; Diamantopoulos, Athanasios; Siablis, Dimitrios; Karnabatidis, Dimitris Secondary procedures after TEVAR in the first 3 years of the VALOR test and VALOR II trials Matsumoto, Alan H.; Angle, John F.; Secic, Michelle; Carlson, Grace A.; Fisher, Lois; Fairman, Ronald M.

Dodecafluoropentane nanoemulsions produced with protein and lipid surfactants permit targeted oxygen and drug delivery, and help elucidate mechanisms of action Borrelli, Michael J.; Hamilton, Eric; Bernock, Laura J. Restructuring of RVUs assigned to retrieval of IVC filters reinforces a clinical practice model Parikh, Pankit; Lewandowski, Robert J.; Karp, Jennifer; Ryu, Robert Computed tomography characteristics associated with post-retrieval alleviation of clinical symptoms accompanying inferior vena cava filter strut penetration Olinger, Kristen; Al-Hakim, Ramsey; Kee, Stephen T.; McWilliams, Justin

FEATURED ABSTRACTS Outcomes of coverage of the left subclavian artery during endovascular repair of the thoracic aorta Contrella, Benjamin; Sabri, Saher S.; Stone, James; Tracci, Megan C.; Kern, John A.; Upchurch, Gilbert R.; Matsumoto, Alan H.; Angle, John F. Inferior vena cava stenting for malignant obstruction Devcic, Zlatko; Techasith, Tust; Banerjee, Arjun; Sze, Daniel Y. Prophylactic antibiotics and tunneled dialysis catheter interventions in the chest Barzel, Eyal; Lacson, Eduardo; Ma, Lin; Petrusky, Lisa R.; Miller, Gregg; Maddux, Franklin W. In vivo evaluation of irinotecan-loaded QuadraSphere microspheres for use in chemoembolization of VX2 liver tumors Tanaka, Kaishu; Maeda, Noboru; Osuga, Keigo; Higashi, Yoshiyuki; Hayashi, Akiyoshi; Hori, Yumiko; Kishimoto, Kentaro; Nakamura, Masahisa; Ono, Yusuke; Higashihara, Hiroki; Morii, Eiichi; Ohashi, Fumihito; Tomiyama, Noriyuki Alternate pulse parameters for the in-vivo low voltage pulsed electric field ablation of swine liver Srimathveeravalli, Govindarajan; Solomon, Stephen B. Comparison of microwave vs. radiofrequency ablation of HCC when combined with DEB-TACE: safety and mid-term efficacy Virk, Jaskirat; Dayan, Etan; Cohen, Stuart L.; Kim, Edward; Patel, Rahul S.; Nowakowski, Scott F.; Lookstein, Robert A.; Fischman, Aaron M.


Top Abstracts Chosen by the Annual Scientific Meeting Committee

XperGuide and CT-guided biopsy approaches: a single operator comparison Gupton, Theodore B.; Lopera, Jorge Surrogate markers of embolization endpoint during hepatic arterial oncologic interventions using anti-reflux devices: Potential role for intraprocedural hepatic arterial pressure measurement Narsinh, Kazim; Shaw, Gregory; DeYoung, Elliot; Ramaswamy, Raja; Kikolski, Steven; Rose, Steve Does stent placement across the Ampulla of Vater increase the risk of subsequent cholangitis? Green, Carlos; Brown, Karen T.; Erinjeri, Joseph P.; Garcia, Alessandra R.; Thornton, Raymond H.; Covey, Anne M.; Brody, Lynn A.; Sofocleous, Constantinos T.; Maybody, Majid; Solomon, Stephen B.; Getrajdman, George C-arm CT of the pulmonary arteries: does it provide additional information for the diagnostic work-up of patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension prior to surgical or interventional treatment? Hinrichs, Jan; Marquardt, Steffen; Vogel-Claussen, Jens; Hoeper, Marius; Olsson, Karen; Wacker, Frank; Meyer, Bernhard C. Feasibility and effects of transcatheter arterial embolization for frozen shoulder refractory to non-surgical management Okuno, Yuji Implementation of team training in vascular interventional radiology (IR): adherence of training and impact in workflow and outcomes Tao, Haiyang; Hirsch, Joshua A.; Sheridan, Rob; Miguel, Karen; Wicky, Stephan; Salazar, Gloria M. Cone beam CT venography vs. cortisol measurements to confirm selective right adrenal vein catheterization during adrenal vein sampling: Does anatomical selectivity correlate with biochemical selectivity ratios? Sarwar, Ammar; Brook, Olga R.; Brook, Alexander; Brennan, Ian; Ahmed, Muneeb; Faintuch, Salomao; Collares, Felipe; Sacks, Barry Quantitative semi-automatic 3D assessment of uterine fibroids after intra-arterial embolization – a feasibility study Chapiro, Julius; Lin, MingDe; Duran, Rafael; Lesage, David; Tacher, Vania; Wang, Zhijun; Werner, John D.; Geschwind, Jeff F.; Hong, Kelvin Doxorubicin eluting microsphere: Is there a size effect? Comparison of two sizes in VX2 tumor model Namur, Julien; Pascale, Florentina T.; Dinca, Hadrien; Ghegediban, Saida Homayra; Saint Maurice,


Jean Pierre; Maeda, Noboru; Verret, Valentin; Manfait, Michel; Wassef, Michel; Laurent, Alexandre iGuide TIPS: an enhanced real-time 3D image guided TIPS – Preliminary results Lee, Edward W.; Tafti, Bashir A.; McWilliams, Justin; Peterson, Stephanie; Kee, Stephen T. Comparison of complication rates associated with permanent and potentially retrievable inferior vena cava filters Andreoli, Jessica M.; Lewandowski, Robert J.; Ryu, Robert Safety and feasibility of Yttrium-90 radioembolization in hepatocellular carcinoma patients with liver dysfunction Huffman, Steven D.; Lewandowski, Robert J.; Memon, Khairuddin; Kulik, Laura M.; Salem, Riad Drug-coated balloons versus drug-eluting stents in long infrapopliteal lesions: the IDEAS randomized controlled trial (NCT01517997) Kitrou, Panagiotis M.; Spiliopoulos, Stavros; Katsanos, Konstantinos; Christeas, Nikolaos; Siablis, Dimitrios; Karnabatidis, Dimitrios Microwave ablation for lung neoplasms: a retrospective analysis of long term results March, Bradford T.; Healey, Terrance; Baird, Grayson L.; Dupuy, Damian E. Radiation exposure in pregnant and non-pregnant female interventional radiology workers Long, Megan C.; Deloney, Linda A.; Wiebeck, Kim; Meek, Molly Simulation study on cost-effectiveness of radioembolization compared with trans-arterial chemoembolization for hepatocellular carcinoma Rostambeigi, Nassir; Dekarske, Adrienne; Austin, Erin; Golzarian, Jafar; Cressman, Erik Interactive near real-time high resolution imaging for open MR guided interventions using ZOOM MRI at 1.0 Tesla – initial experience Makowski, Marcus R.; Jonczyk, Martin; Streitparth, Florian; Guettler, Felix V.; Rathke, Hendrik; Suttmeyer, Britta; Albrecht, Liane; Teichgraeber, Ulf; Hamm, Bernd; de Bucourt, Maximilian Influence of bead size on tumor response rate after drug-eluting bead transcatheter arterial chemoembolization in hepatocellular carcinoma Justaniah, Almamoon I.; Iqbal, Shams I.; Hakky, Michael M.; Molgaard, Christopher P.; Ahari, Heideh; Davison, Brian D.; Flacke, Sebastian

Top Abstracts Chosen by the Annual Scientific Meeting Committee

Catheter-directed transmural IRE ablation in the porcine ureter: functional and histologic assessment over 1 month Srimathveeravalli, Govindarajan; Wimmer, Thomas; Monette, Sébastien; Kimm, Simon; Coleman, Jonathan; Solomon, Stephen B.; Durack, Jeremy C. Impact of transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt creation on MELD score progression


Casadaban, Leigh C.; Gabra, Martina G.; Parvinian, Ahmad; Minocha, Jeet; Knuttinen, Martha-Gracia; Bui, James T.; Gaba, Ron C. Antegrade gastrostomy insertion in very low weight infants – is it safe? Stuart, Sam; Patel, Premal A.; Chippington, Samantha; Gibson, Craig; Barnacle, Alex; Roebuck, Derek

Abstracts of the SIR 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting Program Convergence, 22–27 March 2014, San Diego, CA.

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