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Plastic Surgery 2014: The Abstract Supplement This marks the tenth time that abstracts accepted to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ Annual Meeting have been published as a special supplement to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The Society and Journal leadership and I are delighted to publish many abstract supplements annually for several societies for whom PRS is the official organ, including the European Plastic Surgery Research Council, the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, and the Plastic Surgery Research Council. We are proud to begin publishing proceedings and abstract supplements from international, regional, and smaller meetings in our sister publication, PRS Global Open, starting with the inaugural Società Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica Ricostruttiva ed Estetica (SCIPRE) Italian abstracts this fall. That said, this supplement containing the abstracts and posters from our own Society’s annual meeting is always one of my favorite supplements of the year. In this digital document, we truly get a glimpse into the future of our field: these short entries represent the first chapters of what will soon become fullfledged novels in the library of plastic surgery. Every abstract represents a genesis: the beginning of a potential, full-fledged, scientific study. The hardest parts have already been done: study design, data collection, and interpretation. The next step will be to write and submit a complete manuscript based on the abstract, which we strongly encourage. I hereby invite all abstract authors to write their manuscripts and submit them to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery or PRS Global Open through PRS’ Enkwell (www.editorialmanager.com/prs). It is truly a remarkable experience to follow the journey of a study from abstract to full manuscript all within the pages of the Journal. The abstracts and posters published here on PRSJournal.com offer the authors, the Society, industry, and the medical community valuable information that is indexed, searchable, sharable, and available through the entire world. I encourage you to access the link and share these abstracts. To facilitate this sharing, and accommodate ease of navigation during the meeting, this Abstract Supplement will be made available free of charge on PRSJournal.com for at least 3 months following publication. Read, share, email, tweet, like, and discuss your favorite abstracts. Use the “#PSTM14,” “@ASPS,” or “@ASPSMembers” in your posts to tap into the larger plastic surgery community. As an additional benefit to help you navigate the abstracts, and to incorporate your input from the annual meeting into the eternal electronic presentation of this supplement, you will notice that—within a few weeks of the annual meeting in Chicago (October 10 through 14, 2014)—purple “Best Abstract” indicators (Figure 1) will appear on certain abstracts. The abstracts that are chosen on-site during the annual meeting by each session’s moderators and raters will be called to your attention online to help you easily identify those selected writings. That said, I encourage you to read each abstract that pertains to your areas of interest. The abstracts in this supplement are subject to rigorous peer review, just like all articles you will find in the Journal. These abstracts have been peer reviewed by the Abstract Selection Committee of the ASPS’ Annual Meeting Council. This supplement would not be possible without the support of some talented and dedicated people, including Mary Ellen Bogucki, Marta Zielinski, and Gina McClure, who organized and arranged these abstracts for the ASPS. I also thank Aaron Weinstein, the Journal’s Managing Editor, for coordinating the effort between the Society and the publisher. I am very thankful for the leadership of the ASPS/PSF, especially ASPS President Robert X. Murphy, MD, PSF President Kevin Chung, MD, Society Executive Vice President Michael Costelloe, and Mike Stokes, ASPS Director of Publications. Finally, I am thankful for our dutiful and creative production team at Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. I hope you enjoy reading this supplement to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and I hope each abstract and poster gives you food for thought, kindling for conversation and debate, and some insight into your own practice. What you read as an abstract today in this supplement to PRS may soon fill the pages of the Journal and our literature as full academic studies. Each abstract has the potential to rock our field, and be a focal point of next year’s annual meeting. Each one could affect how you and I practice Plastic Surgery.

Figure 1. Best Abstract indicator. Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Editor-in-Chief Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 8150 Brookriver Drive South Tower, Floor 4, Suite S-415 Dallas, TX 75247 [email protected] Financial Disclosure: Dr. Rohrich has no financial interest in any of the products, devices, or drugs mentioned in this letter or supplement. He receives instrument royalties from Micrins Instruments and book royalties from Quality Medical Publishing. www.PRSJournal.com


Abstracts of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting, October 10-14, 2014, Chicago, IL.

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