. iv. Nov. 5, si.]


of the sky. This I have long known. I have learned to-day from an unlikely source, namely, the late Mr. Mortimer Collins's Ivory Gale, vol. i. p. 258, that in Italy it bears the name of " Santa Strada di Loretto." It is, no doubt, very ignorant of me not to have known this long ago, and is little less than imbecile to admit that I have added to my knowledge by reading a novel. To escape having this humiliating confession to make for the future, I would a3k some kind reader of "N. & Q " to inform me what authority that charming novelist had for this, to me, most interesting bit of information. ANON.


Drury Lane. Was this the first London theatre lighted with gas? The last to adopt gas was the. Baymarket, on April 15, 1853 (see " N. & Q. " 2 na S. v. 450).


[See " Theatre Illumination," ante, p. 326.] "GOING-OFF CLUBS."—It is possible that the

K. P. D. E.

or workshop for the purpose of putting their savings,

together, and investing them at interest, and so supply" DIVAGATIONS."—It is perhaps worth noting ing the means for a hoHJny excursion of a longer orthat in Harptri Magazine for .October there is a shorter duration, just as the amount fulling duo to the review of Miss Thackeray's last book, Miss Wil- member may allow. These clubs are peculiarly idenliamson's Divagations, wherein the editor takes tified with the wakes It ii then that ilie balancing uptakes place, and withdrawal! n-e iiia'!e. The first o f occasion to remark that the author does not ex- these enterprises began in 1S71-2. The accumulations plain what divagations are, and that the " latest have every year increased from that time, and this year modern dictionary" does not help him to discover. it is computed that there has been in the hands of priThat the word is not in modern dictionaries per- vate people, and in the lnnn :iccour,tj of limited comhaps arises from the fact that nearly all modern panies, no le;s than 20,''00/." dictionaries have taken Johnson's Dictionary for Is this arrangement unique; or does it prevail a foundation, or at lea-it have formed themselves elsewhere? F. C. BIRKBECK TEUKY. on later works which were based on Johnson. Cardiff. "Divagation=a going astray," is given in Bailey.

The derivation is obvious.




WEST."—Are any of the stories with which this genial wit and humourist used to indulge his friends to be found in print, and where? Julius C. Young, in his Journal, mentions, as amongst DR. ScnLiEiiANN's D I S C O V E R I E S . — I do not the best, " The Jury," " The Coach Wheel," " The remember to have seen anywhere quoted, in Rheumatic Old Woman," " Will Eabley," " The reference to Dr. Schliemann's discoveries, this line Two Deacons," "The Bed of Saltrum," "The Blind Man, h't3 Wife, and his Dog Lion," and (1002) of the Hecuba of Euripides:— " The Dead March ia SauL" G. H. H. Xpvo-ov TzaXaiuX YlpiaixtSdv KOTwpv^eg. Rosebatik, Itlewortb. [The word is to be found, at least, in the dictionaries of Webster, Xuttall, and Hyde Clarke]


" A N T TVIJEN."—In a letter from a Dorking servant occur3 this passage :—" I can come the first week in November, or any when from Nov. 1." Gtuiriti. Is this rather pretty expression merely a blunder, We roust request correspondents desiring in formation or, as I hope, is it a scrap of local dialect ? The on family matters of only private interest, to affix their letter is addressed to me, and dated Oct. 20, 1881. Canterbury.

names and addresses to their queries, in order that the answers may be addressed to them direct.


" is supposed to have been derived from a brasiin a letter to T. Moore, dated June 12, 1815, nium, brasen-huii, or brewhouse, attached to the writes : " C. Bradshaw wants to light the Theatre hall built by Alfred" (Parker, Handbook of Ox•with gas, which may perhaps (if the vulgar be ford, p. 79, cited by Max.Miiller, Lect., Science of believed) poison half the audience and all the Language, ii. 580). It would be interesting to dramatis persona." The theatre referred to- was know in what language brasen-huie means brew- THEATRES LIGHTED WITH GAS.—Lord Byron,

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following paragraph, which recently appeared in a. Yorkshire paper, beingtherein quoted as taken from Textile Manufacturer, may prove to be not altogether devoid of interest to some of your readers. The writer, after remarking upon the gregarious habits.of the Lancashire operatives, who during Whit week make excursions to the seaside in tens PEERS SIGNING TIIKIII CHRISTIAN NAMES.— of thousands, and who are in the habit of freFormer numbers of " N . & Q." have contained quenting fairs and wake3 in almost equal numbers, notices of this practice. It may be well to add to proceeds as follows:— them that in the recently published part of the "Prom a writer in a local paper, referring to this-Arehaologia (xlvii. ii. p. 264) is a plate of the matter on the occasion of the recent Oldham wukes, we autographs of several of the Lords Cobhani, all of glenn the following information :—' It is some ten yean since 'golng-off clubs' were started in Oldliam—the which give the Christian name or its first letter. clubbing together of a number of people in the factory

A urinary cysteine-halothane metabolite: validation and measurement in children.

An attempt was made in children to identify a urinary halothane-cysteine conjugate which had been described previously in adult patients following adm...
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