A simple one-step PCR walking method and its application of bacterial rRNA for sequencing identification.

There are many PCR walking methods applied currently, and they all have examples of successful application in organisms which are more complex than ba...
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Application of qualitative and quantitative real-time PCR, direct sequencing, and terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis for detection and identification of polymicrobial 16S rRNA genes in ascites.
Qualitative and quantitative 16S rRNA gene-based real-time PCR and direct sequencing were applied for rapid detection and identification of bacterial DNA (bactDNA) in 356 ascites samples. bactDNA was detected in 35% of samples, with a mean of 3.24 lo

16S rRNA gene sequencing is a non-culture method of defining the specific bacterial etiology of ventilator-associated pneumonia.
Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is an acquired respiratory tract infection following tracheal intubation. The most common hospital-acquired infection among patients with acute respiratory failure, VAP is associated with a mortality rate of 20-3

FN-Identify: Novel Restriction Enzymes-Based Method for Bacterial Identification in Absence of Genome Sequencing.
Sequencing and restriction analysis of genes like 16S rRNA and HSP60 are intensively used for molecular identification in the microbial communities. With aid of the rapid progress in bioinformatics, genome sequencing became the method of choice for b

Construction of a simple biocatalyst using psychrophilic bacterial cells and its application for efficient 3-hydroxypropionaldehyde production from glycerol.
Most whole cell biocatalysts have some problems with yields and productivities because of various metabolites produced as byproducts and limitations of substrate uptake. We propose a psychrophile-based simple biocatalyst for efficient bio-production

Establishment of a simple and rapid identification method for Listeria spp. by using high-resolution melting analysis, and its application in food industry.
Listeria monocytogenes is the causative bacteria of listeriosis, which has a higher mortality rate than that of other causes of food poisoning. Listeria spp., of which L. monocytogenes is a member, have been isolated from food and manufacturing envir

Use of 16S rRNA gene for identification of a broad range of clinically relevant bacterial pathogens.
According to World Health Organization statistics of 2011, infectious diseases remain in the top five causes of mortality worldwide. However, despite sophisticated research tools for microbial detection, rapid and accurate molecular diagnostics for i

Improved DOP-PCR (iDOP-PCR): A robust and simple WGA method for efficient amplification of low copy number genomic DNA.
Whole-genome amplification (WGA) techniques are used for non-specific amplification of low-copy number DNA, and especially for single-cell genome and transcriptome amplification. There are a number of WGA methods that have been developed over the yea

A Simple and Rapid Method for Preparing a Cell-Free Bacterial Lysate for Protein Synthesis.
Cell-free protein synthesis (CFPS) systems are important laboratory tools that are used for various synthetic biology applications. Here, we present a simple and inexpensive laboratory-scale method for preparing a CFPS system from E. coli. The proced

Efficient Nucleic Acid Extraction and 16S rRNA Gene Sequencing for Bacterial Community Characterization.
There is a growing appreciation for the role of microbial communities as critical modulators of human health and disease. High throughput sequencing technologies have allowed for the rapid and efficient characterization of bacterial communities using

Protocol: a fast and simple in situ PCR method for localising gene expression in plant tissue.
An important step in characterising the function of a gene is identifying the cells in which it is expressed. Traditional methods to determine this include in situ hybridisation, gene promoter-reporter fusions or cell isolation/purification technique