A photochemical one-pot three-component synthesis of tetrasubstituted imidazoles.

Tetrasubstituted imidazoles can be formed in a photochemical one-pot synthesis from aldehydes, α-aminonitriles, and isoxazoles. Condensation of the fi...
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Sonochemical synthesis of 1,2,4,5-tetrasubstituted imidazoles using nanocrystalline MgAl2O4 as an effective catalyst.
An efficient four-component synthesis of 1,2,4,5-tetrasubstituted imidazoles is described by one-step condensation of an aldehyde, benzil, ammonium acetate and primary aromatic amine with nanocrystalline magnesium aluminate in ethanol under ultrasoni

Synthesis of tetrasubstituted pyrazoles containing pyridinyl substituents.
A synthesis of tetrasubstituted pyrazoles containing two, three or four pyridinyl substituents is described. Hence, the reaction of 1,3-dipyridinyl-1,3-propanediones with 2-hydrazinopyridine or phenylhydrazine, respectively, affords the corresponding

Towards a photochemical synthesis of peptides.
The laboratory preparation of peptides, once a challenge, is now a standard operation that can be automatised. However, the need for particular protecting groups requiring relatively harsh conditions for their removal (strong acids or bases) and reac

Erbium triflate promoted multicomponent synthesis of highly substituted imidazoles.
The synthesis of highly substituted imidazole derivatives has been achieved from various α-azido chalcones, aryl aldehydes, and anilines. This multicomponent protocol employs erbium triflate as a catalyst resulting in excellent yield of the imidazole

Stereoselective Organocatalytic Synthesis of Oxindoles with Adjacent Tetrasubstituted Stereocenters.
Oxindoles with adjacent tetrasubstituted stereocenters were obtained in high yields and stereoselectivities by organocatalyzed conjugate addition reactions of monothiomalonates (MTMs) to isatin-derived N-Cbz ketimines. The method requires only a low

Converting oxazoles into imidazoles: new opportunities for diversity-oriented synthesis.
We report the optimization of a neglected reaction for the rapid and direct conversion of oxazoles into N-substituted imidazoles. The utility of this microwave-promoted reaction for diversity-oriented synthesis is demonstrated in the preparation of >

Regiospecific synthesis of tetrasubstituted phthalocyanines and their liquid crystalline order.
Metal-free and metal(II) all-endo-tetraalkoxy-phthalocyanines of C4h symmetry are synthesised regiospecifically from 3-(2-butyloctyloxy)phthalonitrile with lithium octanolate and subsequent metal ion exchange. The voluminous, yet not overly large, an

Thermal synthesis of silver nanoplates revisited: a modified photochemical process.
The well-known photochemical and thermal methods for silver nanoplate synthesis have been generally regarded as two parallel processes without strong connections. Here we report a surprising finding that both visible light and ambient O2, which are c

Dual Catalysis Strategies in Photochemical Synthesis.
The interaction between an electronically excited photocatalyst and an organic molecule can result in the genertion of a diverse array of reactive intermediates that can be manipulated in a variety of ways to result in synthetically useful bond const

Brønsted Acid Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydroamination of Alkenes: Synthesis of Pyrrolidines Bearing a Tetrasubstituted Carbon Stereocenter.
The first highly enantioselective Brønsted acid catalyzed intramolecular hydroamination of alkenes enables the efficient construction of a series of chiral (spirocyclic) pyrrolidines with an α-tetrasubstituted carbon stereocenter with excellent funct