Indian Medical Gazette."

Sir,?I most respectfully beg to submit the following for insertion in your much-esteemed journal, in compliance with the request, dated Naval and Military Club. Piccadilly, W. April 14th. to the readersof the Luncrt. dated April 17th, 1886. page 7fi9, in the article headed '? Peculiar form of Whooping Cough." That 1 have seen a few cases presenting the symptoms delineated by the writer, and they had always been due to gastric irritation produced from the presence of undigested food which turned preternaturally acid and gave an acrid feeling to the throat, whereby the laryngeal

Oct., 1886.]


irritation, spasm of the glottis and cough

were brought on produced during cough a peculiar sound very much like a whoop. I saw similar symptoms also in a case of ulceration of stomach in a private patient of mine when I Over was Resident Surgeon of Akyab General Hospital. and above those symptoms the man had a pain in the stomach after food, which unless it was pretty hot he could not take. This patient's age was between 48 and 50 years ; he found relief from morphia, belladonna, bismuth, creasote and chloroform inhalation, but subsequently he died under the sufferings, and the ulcers were verified by a, post-mortem examination, and they were situated over the cardiac end on


the inner surface of stomach. The first cases found relief after vomitings brought on naturally or by an emetic, and subsequent treatment for dyspepsia. The sufferings in these cases were so great at night that they had to sit up and come out of their rooms to draw breath, and they were not relieved of their sufferings and the troublesome cough until they vomited up the contents of their stomachs. Belching sometimes in the sittiug posture gave them relief to a certain extent, and after the vomiting a little bicarbonate of soda and spt. of chloroform in a glass of cold water used to put them to sleep. The age of these patients varied from 4?8 and 30 and 35 years. Yours most


Hospital, Calcutta,) 7th June 1886.


Bhola Nath Pal, Asst.




A Peculiar Form of Whooping Cough.

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