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P. Hjemdahl, C. Pemeby, E. Theodorsson, N. Egberg and P.T. Larsson Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Clinical Chemistry and Coagulation Laboratory, Karolinska Hospital, and Department of Pharmacology, Kamlinska Institute, S-104 01 Stockholm, Sweden (Received



in revised form 11.7.1991

by Editor B. Hessel)


Measurements of B-thromboglobulin (BTG) excretion in urine may be of value for “field” studies and due to problems with sampling artifacts for BTG in plasma. Previous studies have used a radioimmunoassay designed for plasma without characterizing the “BTG” immunoreactivity in urine. We describe modifications of the assay which increase its sensitivity and a sample work-up procedure using Sephadex G-25M columns separating high molecular weight (I-IMW) components (presumably intact l3TG) from low molecular weight (LMW) immunoreactivity (i.e. DTG fragments and/or non-specific interferences). The sensitivity of the assay (with 2.5 ml sample) is cl2 pg/ml HMW BTG. Inter- and intraassay coefficients of variation were 7-104. Only 33 (range 5-75)s of BTG immunoreactivity in urine represented HMW BTG. LMW immunoreactivity may be related to salt and other non-specific influences in the sample. Recoveries of BTG were quite variable (g-1001) in unextracted urines, but high and reproducible (80+2%) in the HMW fraction. Thus, nonspecific interferences with BTG measurements in certain urines are overcome by the separation step. Using Sephadex fractionation l3TG immunoreactivities in night urines (n=15) were: uH3 pg/ml in the HMW fraction, 70&8 pg/ml in the LMW fraction, and 85flO pg/ml by direct assay. HMW BTG increased in daytime samples (to 3of5 pg/ml; p

A new assay for beta-thromboglobulin in urine.

Measurements of beta-thromboglobulin (beta TG) excretion in urine may be of value for "field" studies and due to problems with sampling artifacts for ...
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