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Sir. We read with great interest an article recently pubhshed by Hammond and Chinn (1991) in the Journal. Their technique for securing crania-maxilIar> fixation for patients with rctaincd tixcd appliances has hubsequentlv been incorporatcd into our regime ol‘managcmcnt but wth an additional modification. This imolvcs the incorporation of a helical loop bilaterally in front of the cstra-oral traction tubes for each of the upper permanent molar bands (Figure). The stabilisation of the bow may then bc supplemcntcd posteriorly. to that described orlpin:lll>. which only involved ligation of a wire bridge undcrncath the glngival tic wings of the upper central incisor brackets. Our concern which motivated this moditicatlon was that anterior distraction of the bow could thcorcticull~ place a ‘peeling’ force on the upper incisor brackets. similar to that used for debonding. For obvious reasons. it seemed prudent to eliminate such a potential postoperative complication. which would an‘ect the quality of skeletal fixation. but which may now be obviated by the inclusion of our rcfincmcnt. R. .4. C. Chatc BDS, DDOrth RCPS. MOrth RCS, FDSRCS Consultant Orthodontist J. E. Clarke BDS, E‘DSRCPS Consultant Oral Surgeon Esscs County Hospital Colchcstcr CO3 3NB

Reference IIammond.

M. & Chinn.


D. (1991). A modified Kluehn bow for




At the rcccnt meeting of the International Association of ~axillofacial Surgeons In Training at East Grinstead, I was asked to circulate details of the Compulink Information Exchange (CIX) IO all O&MI3 in training. CIX provides a system for computer users to cxchangc information. The system allows access lo compulcr confcrcncing facilities. electronic mail and real-time chat facilities. Computer confcrencing is a way of letting people work and discuss matters without the restriction of time and location. With computer confercncing you ‘meet’ on the computer system. As the computer is open 24 h a day so the meeting can go on 24 h a day if desired. This means you can exchange mformation with a wide range of pcoplc who access the system when it suits them. In my opinion the potential for an O&MI-3 confercncc is enormous. Colleagues can cxchangc views and data on any topic conceivable. and as I think we all appreciated from the EG meeting information exchange is becoming more and more important. For example. you may have an idea for a research project or multi-ccntre trial. By leaving your views and ideas in a CIX conference you can invite


other colleagues to contribute to,>pur ideas. It is an ideal way for moving data around indlvlduals and units. Thcrc is obviously a mlnimum amount of kit nccdcd to access CIX (or any other conferencing system). You riced access to a computer. modem and communications software. Appropriate soft\+are is usually included with the modem. The cost of a modem depends on make and model but flO0 200 is a reasonable estimate. A quick look through thecomputer magazines will give you a good choice of suppliers. With the above kit you can then access CIX or any other similar facility such as Compuscrvc. Bulletin Boards and the Royal Collcgc of Surgeons of England Bulletin Board. To register with CIX logon by using your modem. set your modem to ANSI 8-I-N format and dial 081 390 1244. Or you can talk to the CIX help lint on a normal telephone on 08 I-390 8446. Costs are about f6 per month if you pa): bc credit card plus telephone charges. Thcrc is also a one-off registration fee. For those who want to tr!; the system out. after you have logged on to CIX type JOIN MEDlCAl.:I>EI\;TAL at the main prompt. This will get you into the ‘dental’ confcrcnce. If enough O&VFS trainees join CIX and USC this confcrence. I will set up ;I new Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery conference but there is no point in doing this if thcrc is minimal interest. For those who are actively involved in modem communications I have placed an archived copy of my trainees log book procedure codes on the Gas Lamp bulletin board. If you wish you can download the program on to your computer via the modem. You will need a copy of the freely available archive program LIIA to expand it. Access Gas Lamp on 0706 56196. Get mto the uploads arca (

A modified Kloehn bow for cranio-maxillary fixation.

348 Rrmsh Journal of Oral and ivlaxlllofdcial Surgery A MODIFIED MAXILLARY KLOEHN BOW FOR CRANIOFIXATION Sir. We read with great interest an artic...
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