Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry (2010), 1, 1


A global dental journal from the Asia Pacific

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry (JICD). Why another journal in dentistry? The answer to this question lies in the fact that Asia Pacific region is not well represented in the menu of international dental journals. Hence, it is the ardent belief of both myself as well as Wiley-Blackwell that the arrival of JICD will fill this glaring gap. This does not necessarily mean that we publish papers only from the Asia Pacific. We will have a very broad and inclusive outlook and aim to be the premier international journal from the region. This inclusivity is also reflected in the multi-disciplinary approach of the journal ranging from periodontal medicine to dental traumatology, and pedagogy. As for the contents of JICD, we aim to publish quality, peer-reviewed original research, and topical reviews on all aspects of investigative and clinical dentistry and craniofacial research, including molecular studies related to oral health and disease. Although case reports are welcome, these need to be exceptional in terms of clinical and academic value. I am pleased to report that our long held perception and belief on a dire need for a journal of this nature, and the market research has been well vindicated. Since inception, just over a year ago, we have received more than 100 manuscripts at the rate of one manuscript every 4–5 days. Although most of these originate from Asia, I am happy to report that we do receive articles from all four corners of the world. Our first issue has, for instance, papers from Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Australia, Switzerland, Greece, Canada, and Turkey. We are truly overwhelmed by this remarkable response to JICD, and grateful to all the authors who submitted manuscripts heeding our call. Please keep on sending them.

ª 2010 Blackwell Publishing Asia Pty Ltd

This flood of papers received, and the page limit constraints of each quarterly issue, necessarily means that the manuscript acceptance threshold of JICD is rather high. Nevertheless, whether accepted or not, our stated aim is to have a very quick turn around time for all manuscripts, and the authors will learn of this decision within 4–6 weeks. Such quick decision making requires an editorial panel and reviewers who are dedicated, committed, and rather passionate about the journal. I am grateful to the international editorial board for their unstinting support which has thus far helped us realize this goal. In this inaugural issue, we have attempted to provide you with a rich menu of papers that cuts across a number of disciplines ranging from oral pathology to dental materials science. The few case reports at the end add further flavor to this rich menu. Enjoy your JICD and keep us in mind when you are writing up your research!

Prof. Lakshman Samaranayake Editor-in-Chief University of Hong Kong


A global dental journal from the Asia Pacific.

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