A comparison of the cost-effectiveness of treatment of prolonged acute convulsive epileptic seizures in children across Europe.

In the majority of children and adolescents with epilepsy, optimal drug therapy adequately controls their condition. However, among the remaining pati...
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[Prolonged convulsive seizures in children: how are they managed outside the hospital?].
Guidelines recommend that any epileptic seizure that lasts more than 5 min (prolonged seizures) be treated immediately with benzodiazepines in order to prevent progression to status epilepticus. However, there is very little published information on

Convulsive seizures and SUDEP in a mouse model of SCN8A epileptic encephalopathy.
De novo mutations of the voltage-gated sodium channel gene SCN8A have recently been recognized as a cause of epileptic encephalopathy, which is characterized by refractory seizures with developmental delay and cognitive disability. We previously desc

Prolonged anticoagulant activity of rivaroxaban in a polymorbid elderly female with non-convulsive epileptic state.
Rivaroxaban, an oral direct factor Xa-inhibitor was non-inferior to adjusted dose warfarin in the prevention of stroke and embolism among patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) in the ROCKET-AF trial and has been approved for stroke prevention in AF.

Quantitative analysis of surface electromyography during epileptic and nonepileptic convulsive seizures.
To investigate the characteristics of sustained muscle activation during convulsive epileptic and psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES), as compared to voluntary muscle activation. The main goal was to find surface electromyography (EMG) features

Treatment of epileptic seizures in brain tumors: a critical review.
Epileptic seizures represent a common signal of intracranial tumors, frequently the presenting symptom and the main factor influencing quality of life. Treatment of tumors concentrates on survival; antiepileptic drug (AED) treatment frequently is pre

Convulsive Syncope Induced by Ventricular Arrhythmia Masquerading as Epileptic Seizures: Case Report and Literature Review.
It is important but difficult to distinguish convulsive syncope from epileptic seizure in many patients. We report a case of a man who presented to emergency department after several witnessed seizure-like episodes. He had a previous medical history

Recurrent prolonged fugue states as the sole manifestation of epileptic seizures.
A fugue state is defined as an altered state of consciousness with varying degrees of motor activity and amnesia for the event. It may last for hours to days and may be psychogenic or organic in nature. Epileptic fugue states can be encountered in pa

Efficacy of nonvenous medications for acute convulsive seizures: A network meta-analysis.
This is a network meta-analysis of nonvenous drugs used in randomized controlled trials (RCTs) for treatment of acute convulsive seizures and convulsive status epilepticus.