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2015 International Congress on Ultrasonics

The 2015 International Congress on Ultrasonics (2015 ICU) took place at the Arsenal in Metz, France, from 11–14 May 2015. This was the fifth in the series of ICU conferences, which are the premier international conferences devoted to the science and technology of ultrasound. The earlier ICU conferences were held in Vienna, Austria (2007), Santiago, Chile (2009), Gdansk, Poland (2011) and Singapore (2013). The ICU series came about through the merger in 2007 of the Ultrasonics International (UI) series of conferences, which were started by RWB Stephens in the UK in the 1960s, and the World Congress on Ultrasound (WCU) series, which were started in 1995 in Germany. The venues for the ICU’s alternate between Europe and the rest of the World. The ICU is governed by a Board of Control, with members representing in as diverse a manner as possible, the acoustics and ultrasonics societies of the World. ICU is affiliated to the International Commission on Acoustics (ICA). 2015 ICU Metz was hosted by Georgia Tech Loraine in collaboration with La Société Française d’Acoustique. It was presided over by Professor Nico F. Declercq, supported by the Local Organizing Committee. These individuals and the sponsoring organizations are thanked for the parts they played in staging a truly memorable conference, excellently organized and with an outstanding program. The lectures were held in rooms in the Arsenal and adjacent buildings, located in attractive surroundings in the historical town of Metz. The catering was to the very highest standards of French cuisine. 2015 ICU Metz provided an excellent opportunity for exchanging ideas on all the exciting current developments in ultrasonics, and connecting with colleagues in the field. It brought together 700 registered participants (a record for ICU Congresses), more than 30% of whom were students. Delegates hailed from 53 different countries, with the largest representation from France, followed in order by Japan, Russia and the USA and the rest. 2015 ICU Metz was wide-ranging in its coverage of the field of ultrasonics, threading together the many directions the field has taken, from fundamental science to engineering and to biomedical applications, from traditional areas such as non-destructive evaluation (NDE) and physical acoustics to ‘‘hot’’ topics such as acoustofluidics, metamaterials and energy harvesting. The Conference was well structured, with 5 plenary lectures and 4 keynote lectures, 9 parallel sessions for oral presentations on a variety of topics and 7 poster sessions. Many of the oral sessions began with a 30 minute invited talk. All together there were 600 presentations. The plenary lectures: Intramembrane cavitation, by Eitan Kimmel. Time-reversal: from acoustics to optics, by Mathias Fink. Phononics and transforming heat transfer, by Baowen Li. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ultras.2015.05.020 0041-624X/Ó 2015 Published by Elsevier B.V.

Permanently installed ultrasonic monitoring systems, by Peter Cawley. A split lecture on metamaterials and artificial periodically structured media, given by Vitali Voloshinov. The keynote lectures: Challenges and opportunities in translating acoustofluidics in to clinical applications, by Thomas Laurell. Elastic wave processes in complex solids containing internal defects, by Vincent Tournat. Ultrasound enhanced PAT (process analytical technology) – from vibrational spectroscopy by-pass measurements to in-line probes, by Stefan Radel. Advances in acoustic metamaterials based on sonic crystals, by Jose Sanchez-Dehesa. A series of special sessions were organized on Acousto-Optic Interactions and Wave Phenomena in Optics and Acoustics, in Honor of Professor Oswald Leroy. The broad areas of ultrasonics science and application covered in the technical (oral and poster) sessions were  NDE/NDT (material characterization, guided waves, nonlinear effects, modeling and simulation, structural health monitoring).  Acoustofluidics (particle manipulation, microbubbles and contrast agents).  Biomedical ultrasonics (therapy, imaging, beam forming and tomography, imaging and therapy through the interaction of light and sound, ultrasonics of bone and of soft tissue).  Physical acoustics (nonlinearity, sonic and phononic crystals, picosecond laser ultrasonics, inverse problems, nanoacoustics, phonons, acoustic emission).  Materials (metamaterials, granular media and structures, inhomogeneous media, high power ultrasonics in materials engineering).  Device technology (piezoelectrics, transducers, arrays and imaging, energy harvesting, transducers in harsh environments).  Techniques (standing waves, resonating and actuating ultrasonics, laser ultrasound, instrumentation and signal processing, underwater ultrasonics).  Sonochemistry (ultrasound in food science, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, chemical and molecular). The abstracts were made available on flash memories at the Congress, and the Proceedings are to be published in the open access online journal Physics Procedia.


Editorial / Ultrasonics 62 (2015) 1–2

The Conference Banquet was held in the Arsenal. It was preceded by the Gold and Silver Awards Ceremony, where presentation of the Gold Whistle Distinguished Service Award was made to Professor Ewald Benes of the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, and Silver Whistle Awards for Early-career Researchers were made to Dr Kang Il Lee of Kangwon National University, Korea, and Professor Hideyuki Nomura of the University of Electro-Communications, Chofugaoka, Japan. The Closing Ceremony provided the occasion for awarding of the RWB Stephens Prizes for the most outstanding papers (oral or poster) presented at 2015 ICU by a student or recent graduate. These awards are sponsored by Elsevier, and carry cash prizes. Awards were made to Eduardo Lopez Villaverde (CEA-LIST, France), Wei Qiu (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan), Ninnuja Sivanantha (Monash University, Australia), Mathilde Stevenin (CEA-LIST, France) and Abigail Swillens (Ghent University, Belgium). In addition, Diego Baresh (Institut des NanoSciences de Paris, France), Thomas Chaigne (Institut Lengevin, France), Sid-Ali Mansoura (Université du Havre, France), Alexey Salasyuk (Ioffe Institute, Russia) and Marc Serra-Garcia (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) received Honorable Mentions. The next conference in the series, 2017 ICU, is scheduled to be held in Honolulu, Hawaii from 18–20 December, 2017, and is being presided over by Suk Wang Yoon, email: [email protected] The Conference afforded an opportunity for the Ultrasonics Editorial Board to meet. Some news items to come from this meeting are:  The online submission system is shortly to change from EES to EVISE. This will streamline the submission process for authors and improve the efficiency of the editorial process.  Ultrasonics will continue its practice of publishing special issues on ‘‘hot’’ topics, and from time to time also publish ‘‘feature articles’’, i.e. overviews on highly topical issues that will be given priority treatment.

 The ICU Bylaws contain an Article of Association between ICU and the journal Ultrasonics. Common membership of the Boards of ICU and Ultrasonics will be sought where appropriate, and an effort will be made to maximize the overlap between the subject areas covered by the ICU conferences and the journal Ultrasonics.

Members of the Ultrasonics Editorial Board who attended the Board meeting. From left to right: Osamu Matsuda, Margaret Lucas, Michiel Postema, Sigrun Hirsekorn, Spyretta Golemati, Ysabel Ermers (Publisher at Elsevier), Peter A Lewin, Arthur Every (Editor-in-Chief), Younho Cho and Frank Balle. A.G. Every Available online 28 May 2015

2015 International Congress on Ultrasonics.

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